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About Us

I love sharing my passion for air plants..

The Bromeliads Southern Africa
venture was born out of the love and passion for these unique plants.

Maggie has been a keen collector for more than 20 years and her vast collection consists of plants from all over the world. As her collection grew, she discovered how difficult it was to obtain some of these unique plants. This is when she realised that there is a niche in the market for a specialist nursery, not only in the Garden Route, but for South Africa as a whole.

We offer quality

Our goal is to continually offer the best of Bromeliads from around the world, so that you can add such unique plants to your collection. We import as well as cultivate a whole range of plants. We stock our own speciality Bromeliad mix as well as fertilizer, Plastic pots and Tillandsia hangers are also available.

We do mail order

Mail order is our specialty.  We send all over South Africa. Orders are sent bare root and carefully packaged  in boxes which should reach the buyers destination in 3 to 4 working days. Mail and courier orders are charged  according to the weight of the package.

Our nursery

The nursery is open by appointment only.  We are more than happy to accommodate small groups as well.  Please contact us to make an appointment so will be sure to be available when you come.